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Reviews for "Days Of Blood"

I observed one thing, I wonder if you could explain it to me: I keep the sword/shield attack button pressed. The time distance between subsequent attacks are the same. Distance between the enemies in a row are the same. Then how is it possible that I kill for example 3 of them and the 4th one grabs me? Something is illogical here.

buen gore

I want to report a bug in the game: when I finished killing 666 more soldiers appeared and now I have 669 killed, which seems odd because the maximum appearing in scores is 666. It is a mistake that makes me look like cheater, please could you tell me if this has already happened before?

Gosh Darn it I got to 25 guys left and some lucky punk killed!!! Great game though!!!!

pd: i love the detaill of you can touch the tits of the girl xD