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Reviews for "Days Of Blood"

This game is almost epic...

But, the keyboard has slippy response and you need instant response for an intense game like this. Too easy to move and keep running, etc.

Second, the monotony. Is this all it is, or at the end is it something cool like the man from "Down Under" and I don't mean OZ appearing and offering you a Hawt Succubus and command by dark powers the kingdom if you give him the princess? With alternative endings, etc.?

Play suggestion: Turn off the music and YouTube/MP3 something non satanist metal. Like Rick Wakeman's "Lancelot and the Black Knight"... Just a cool alt.

great game. Also,
I bought my computer in 2005 and this doesnt lag at all.

good except for the lag you should add more graphic options like disabling blood, corpses etc. for people like me wo have really old pc (i bought it in 2006)


As Lachi said. Good game. Very good game.