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Reviews for "Days Of Blood"

It's kinda of a rage game

The music was good, the background was cool, and the voice acting was okay. But that's about it. It's not that the game is difficult, it's that it's difficult because the controls are a little rough. He takes a bit to long to swing or bash his shield, and to turn around. Not only that, but actually connecting with an enemy is iffy. I don't know when to swing exactly, because too early and the enemy runs through my sword and kills me, and too late he does the same thing.

Last, It's repetitive. I killed about 30 guys and it was the same thing over and over.

* simple
* has potential
* naked chick

* Possibly broken controls
* sometimes doesnt respond correctly
* sword sometimes passes through enemies, if thrown from very short range.


it looks really good and its great i just cant get the timing down when they come in waves of five.