Reviews for "The Most Wanted Bandito"

GREAT runner game with upgrades these style games are very addictive. i am the most wanted bandito

A very fun game, I was expecting a boss battle each time I surpass a criminal, that could was great.

And, what is a bandito?, I know bandit or bandido, maybe it's spanglish.

Great game. Very entertaining but a bit hard. I would really like to be able to jump a little higher.

royalin responds:

Thanks! It's an idea, but it might be too easy, don't you think :-)?

Not a bad game that "The Most Wanted Bandito". On The End I shot bro' ;P not my friend Sherif. Want to be good.

I enjoyed the game greatly it was a fun playthrough. Howrever my only hangup is that no matter what you did the ending was still pretty much the same, I would have *SPOILER* liked if you could actually have joined your brother by either killing the sheriff yourself or letting him do as he pleased