Reviews for "The Most Wanted Bandito"

lol. wagon came up. i shot it 3 times real fast so it died. it dropped coins but i didn't get to pick them up cuz the wagon was dead so i'd beaten the level.


how did that stupid bug slip through? something that obvious? rofl!!!!!!

royalin responds:

IF you only knew how many bugs we encounter on each game, thanks for the heads up but why you scored it so low... :(

Nicely done. Were there multiple endings? If so nice touch, if not I would recommend that as a future patch. Just for a bit of flavor.

Also (for those wondering), bandito is the Italian version of bandido which is very appropriate if you consider many of the spaghetti westerns.

A very fun game, I was expecting a boss battle each time I surpass a criminal, that could was great.

And, what is a bandito?, I know bandit or bandido, maybe it's spanglish.

lol I read The Most Wanted Burrito xD

Good graphics sounds and animations, well put together game. Intro is a little long and jumping over dynamite is a little hard.