Reviews for "The Most Wanted Bandito"

don´t know why but the money i get after each turn doesn´t add up..so i never have enough to get upgrades...=(

I really like the concept, and a few of the different elements. I like that you can shoot money for a multiplier. What I don't like is that if I touch a box with my horse, I die instantly. That sucks. I also don't like that I have to WAIT to reload...which while it does add a certain challenge is a bit frustrating. Awesome gfx, though, really pulls it all together. Love the music, and the fairly-novel controls.

Just needs more time invested into it I think.

royalin responds:

Hi, glad you like the game. Regarding your comments- Like most games with upgrades, you start off weak, but after 1-2 runs you can purchase health so you won't die after 1 touch, you can also upgrade shooting reload and whatever you want :)
Regarding controls it pretty straight- forward and fun, at least according to us and our testers, do you have a better idea?
Thanks in advance!

Awesome! Soundtrack was really nice and it wasn't too technical, very simple and fun.

royalin responds:

Glad you liked it!

I would like to start saying that i enjoyed the game, the start was a bit harsh since the fast looping background was distracting me. Once you've got the hang of it though it's a fast and fun game.
the graphics are good. Maybe a bit more storyline would've helped or different characters to choose from with different abilities f.e. a fast reloader, someone with a bit of luck. And ofcourse a story to each different bandito. I'll recommend it to my friends.

royalin responds:

Awesome! Thanks for enjoying and recommending it!

Great game. Very entertaining but a bit hard. I would really like to be able to jump a little higher.

royalin responds:

Thanks! It's an idea, but it might be too easy, don't you think :-)?