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Reviews for "Slender 2D"

There are bugs with the daytime mode:
-TV doesnt come static when you see slender
-Almost all the trees havent got leaves
-Bugs at main tittle screen
But in general the game is cool. If you fix this this will be my favourite videogame (behind minecraft)

Lenke responds:

daymode simply doesn't work.. xD!

This is my first time when i first saw him while playing i pissed my pants

Pages 18 WTF?

not that scary. and could use some *cough* ALOT of work

Doctor: AAHHH!! This is scary. HES LIKE WEEPING ANGELS!! D:
This is a good game but.. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Now what would happen to Derpy... If she played this...

Derpy: D: AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! D: DOCTOR!!! D:<