Reviews for "Slender 2D"

This deserves about 250,000 less plays.

Lenke responds:

there are worse things, believe in me...

I just don't like the look of this game. It looks like something I could do on Microsoft Paint. The gameplay is at least responsive. But that's it. It barely holds a flicker of what Slender is

i finished it but i losee my medals of it i lose all medals of 8 pages and he see you win? and he gots you

I played it like 5 times and only got 1 page and by then I wasn't scared. But then I played it a 6th time and got 4 pages and he f*cking came out of nowhere and I almost sh*t myself! Pretty fun game and the sense of t being 2D makes it semm like an awesome old school type game.

wwwhhhhhhaaattttttt 1 paper then slenderrr?!