Reviews for "Out of Order 1"

absolutely awesome. I'm not even gonna try to critique it, I am just not that good of an animator yet. love the concept, rarely used in a dark post apocalyptic scenery, and hope to see more.

kmau responds:

Anyone can be a critic!

Awesome, already excited for the next one C:

I - N - C - R- E - D - I - B - L - E !

Wonderful. Can't wait for more.

Wow. Rarely am I speechless, but damn was this good! I loved the idea of an entire society solving their problems with chess, as time goes by though, the one rule is taken out and therefore anarchy and chaos ensues. This dystopia that you have presented here is simply gorgeous. Instead of being dark and ruined it shows that just because the world is in ruin doesn't mean it is robbed of its color.

The story is not only a bit dark, it is funny to... you hit the nail on the head with this dark humor with the use of these colorful yet still threatening characters. The voice acting for this is also spot on, so kudos to each of the voice actors in this. I am intrigued to learn more about these different characters seeing as we only got the name of one of them being "Bro".

The music choices were wonderful and fit each scene appropriately. The sound effects were also done very well making me feel like I was there. When that shuttle went down I truly did feel the impact that it had. This was a marvelous piece of animation and I can't wait to see more.

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