Reviews for "Out of Order 1"

Im honestly glad to see this come out, i didn't expect it this soon tbh. From the pictures, i thought the Mad Hats would be a little bit more organized.
No offense but im kinda dissappointed, i know you normally do art but i was expecting a little more animation with characters. The voices i expected to be a little different; Bro wasn't that far off, Senry-- i wasn't expecting-- but now that i look at her it'd be really difficult to get a voice that'd exactly fit (also i was wondering what her first line was.. i can't make it out ._.)

Anyway, music was nice,
Voices were nice but they don't really seem capable of catching other emotions
The set-up for the story was pretty well done without being too clunky
Art nice (i didn't really like the constant gray; the first minute of it, everything was some shade of gray which is fine for a ruined city but it kinda sets the tone that everything from now on is going to be grayish or brownish and dull- well-what im trying to say is, there was a picture i think u created- of the city, and the neon lights were there an everything, idk i can't find it maybe i imagined it but ya, the only real break in color comes from the 'chess' sign and senry's hair imo, which was nice.

I know it will be a while befor Episode 2 to come out, even if nothing's changed i'll still enjoy the mess outta it. Im curious to see if there will be any fighting, i mean, i can imagine how bro would fight but not-so-much senry, least when it comes to the giant robots or transforming spider chess pieces.

Anyway, thanks for reading, sorry for wasting ur time, can't wait for episode 2

Very nice, looking forward to seeing more.

This was a really great story, i can't wait to see the continueing episodes.
I'll be a waiting your next episode.
Till then
A prefect score to the great start of something great!

Great work! This is the sort of quality everyone should aim for. Of course, not everyone has the talent, but you certainly do. Good job! And even if you don't finish the series, I'd like to see more of your work.

He just took that car like a boss, I'm definately watching this