Reviews for "Out of Order 1"

I'm very excited to see how this series will go! :D

Awesome, felt like I was watching the beginning of an epic movie. Everything was great except from the girl's voice acting, that was pretty bad. Maybe it was the equipment, not sure.

4 stars. It's not very cliche. Nice job.

in a new posrt apocalyptic world, a little girl which is around 15-17 years old, met a big guy who can throw cars, and suddenly that girl just decide to trust the big guy with not enough reasoning. it would be a good idea to give it a little bit more more hesitation and resentment at first because gaining trust isnt easy in that setting.
make it more dramatic by putting more story behind how the little girl can Finally begin to trust the big guy first. just saying.

anyway, loving the art style and the voice acting. keep it up and i cant wait to see the next ep

I have to say, the girl's voice does pale in comparison to other voice actors, and I really think it's the recording's fault. You need either a better audio format (I dunno, it sounded like I could hear where the clip started and cut off, so it definitely needs cleaning up a bit) or a better mic, as Dosko said.

Everything else was just dandy, though. Great work!