Reviews for "Out of Order 1"

The concept and animation of this is great, and the voice acting was pretty spot on except for the girls so I don't know what everyone is complaining about there, and the only things that sorta bugged me was when the pointy hat guy tries opening the door and he says it's locked from the outside (should have said inside, sorry to be nitpicky) and the girls run animation which just didn't seem as smooth as the rest of the animation. All in all, good first animation and can't wait for the next one!

kmau responds:

Oh man you're right about that inside/outside thing.

Very nice, voice acting seemed fine to me (Granted I just got done watching an INCREDIBLY crappy movie with horrible voice acting, so my radar is a little off). Can't wait to see part 2, seems interesting to say the least!

The girl was the only person who's voice acting I didn't like, but the animation is great and the concept is pretty good too. Really looking forward to where this goes.

I got to admit. Not a bad idea...the voice actors are not bad...but I really don't like the lines to the movie...sorry...I would love to see part 2 though

Great animation, but the voice acting ruined the experience for me.