Reviews for "Out of Order 1"

Nice! oh and you almost had it perfect it just needed more frames in the shot where she's running toward the camera. That part took me out of the story and I was then focusing on the animation but most everything else was beautfully fluid. Awesome cartoon

pretty corny.

Love it.... love the story, the ideas, the character development, everything!

The concept and animation of this is great, and the voice acting was pretty spot on except for the girls so I don't know what everyone is complaining about there, and the only things that sorta bugged me was when the pointy hat guy tries opening the door and he says it's locked from the outside (should have said inside, sorry to be nitpicky) and the girls run animation which just didn't seem as smooth as the rest of the animation. All in all, good first animation and can't wait for the next one!

kmau responds:

Oh man you're right about that inside/outside thing.

Seems like a promising series, can't wait for the next!