Reviews for "Box It! 2"

I'd like it a lot more if there were fewer commercials/ads . Between every level? Is that necessary?

This game works, but it's really not innovative or different than other games. There seem to be too many advertisements. The interface isn't as intuitive as other games.

Nice puzzle/strategy game. Keeps you thinking.

Digiment responds:

Thanks! :-)


decent graphics, nice movement. But ooold game! Nothing new to it as far as I see (played only 2 levels than it bored me enough). Relaxing music, but u should add some movement sounds when you move the blocks around and when you put them in place. And too much loading screens! Do you really need to load that much?

The music is pleasant, but the game gets boring over time. I know the prime objective is to move these blocks, but i wished that it had some sort of story to it. It gets kinda boring moving these pillars all the time. Following over that, the game seems kinda boring as you keep playing since all you're doing is moving blocks and not a lot of new concepts are added.