Reviews for "Box It! 2"

The game was a pretty standard puzzle, finish level in a certain amount of steps for bonus, put statue on button. i'd have considered this average, if not for the same reason everyone else doesnt like this. TOO MANY FREAKIN ADS!

Each main menu button doesn't allow you to go back to the main menu without an ad again. There is an ad before the first level, so if you click each of the three menu buttons before playing, you have to sit through 5 ads (load screen for the game, 3 for each menu button, and load screen for level 1) before playing at all. Terrible.

Game might be worth of trying but these constant ads drive u crazy.


Way too much ads!

The game itself was decent, but there was nothing that hasn't been seen a thousand times before in other puzzle games. Also, if you have a grading system on how well player did in a level, you should also show the par score while the player is in a level, not only in the level selection.

Digiment responds:

We'll look into this :-)