Watched on Youtube long before on here, but it is still hilarious and I love Zeurel. Seeing Ren and Stimpy inspired animation is hilariously awkward and creepily charming, great job Josh and Co. Need to see more :D

Oh the TF2 References!!! <3

I loved the voice acting, the fluid animation, and the creative script. This was just Hilarious and made me smile the entire time. I hope you do get the money to make more because I loved this.

That's nosenstastic!

This is really funny. Although, I didn't even think something could be so weird, disturbing and cute at the same time. Good job!

despite the slightly sucky audio, twice this video was viewed like a hawk through my eyes and twice i had to repair my ass with ducktape because i laughed it off SO HARD! to this, i present, five starts. Yes, starts, because they are more specialer snowflakes then stats, startsies, and stars. Also, quick question, was that Toughset i saw in the corner during the beginning scenes?