Some serious work went into this. Congrats to everyone involved! Love it :D

For me there was nothing wrong with the audio, except when the bird gets angry with the guy in a cap and screams, then I would have had him scream more distorted, but that´s more with the voice acting which is otherwise perfect =)

The animation is incredibly stunning and well done, I can´t stop laughing at that baby with the eyes! XDXD He is the most funny character I have seen in 15 years. Thanks for the laughs and can´t WAIT FOR EPISODE 2! =D



As always, the animation was exceptional and well accentuated your stylization. The characters are extremely cute, and the backgrounds set a quaint scene to match. Was wondering what reason there was for the 'T' rating, and then stuff started getting weird.. Although, I love it. It's a good weird! I honestly thought the mic quality of the duck to rather suit him, giving a raspy tone. Fantastic work as always!