The animation is amazing. Great work. Best I've seen in a while.

Did anyone else notice
-that the blocks said porn?
-Josh syas "mentelgen"
-there is redruM on the fridge?
-there is a condom on the cucumber in the fridge?

So many easter eggs, so muc awesome

That's nosenstastic!

God damn it Zeurel. Another amazing animation. xD

i got to say, i been a huge newgrounds fan for years and i come to expect a certain quality of stuff to pop up. to the really horrible to the ok, but sometimes you get those few gems that just blow you away. this was one of them, i really enjoyed it alot. the animation was flawless, the humor was spot on and i didn't even notice the mic issue. only suggestion i say is make more please :)

PS: it kind of reminded me of the short at the start of who framed roger rabbit, not sure why but it did alot lol