Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 9 - Trailer"

Yes finally you work again in those series because i hate people when they totally give up their work. I hope you wont meet any problem and delay the episode and be on date but i would like it more if it was mostly like the previous episodes and have the rpg style, thumb ups if you agree....Keep up working on it many sonic fans are waiting for this!!!

MidNightMaren responds:

Thanks a lot!

Finally!! Thank You!! IVE BEEN WAITING FORVEVER! (i love you no homo)

hurry up its march 2nd dude k!


I saw the recent post on flash essence. the final episode is finished or almost finished, and it will be uploaded hopefully this week. read more on flash essence.

It's about time you took the series off of hold :) I'm glad you gave up sprites.