Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 9 - Trailer"

Good but ... March 29th, no fucking release date of Final Chapter, neither here or on the Flash Essence Forums, come on man, you're pissing me off already, I'm losing patience...

Keep working, man.
I know I'm writing this comment in the final of March, but fans must me patient.
I expect great things to you and release Sonic RPG 9 very soon!!!

midnight so when exactly is sonic RPG 9 or final chapter because there only 3 day at the end of march what this final chapter and final battel will takes place

This is finaly over heh? What a pity. Well i can't wait for it :D

Very interesting. I enjoy how every few episodes, you change the animation style. I would have enjoyed it if Seelkadoom had some sort of Super Form equivalent.