Reviews for "Sonic RPG eps 9 - Trailer"

It's the last day of march :( is it going to come out on April the first? or today?


I saw the recent post on flash essence. the final episode is finished or almost finished, and it will be uploaded hopefully this week. read more on flash essence.

Wheres ep 9? Im getting impacient.

u know what would be realy hard trolling.if the author would say in the april month:its gonna take more time doing this soo it will come out march 2014.wait another freaking year pls.how much time have we evven waited for this episode.5years maybe.well if u know how much time we have waited than tell me pls

Vai sair ás 23:59 do dia 30? (tou a escrever em português porque vi que os autores eram de portugal).