Reviews for "Breaking The Laws"

I didn't think this was the best of these entries, but it was certainly interesting. I thought it did go on a bit too long. It just seemed like something that wasn't that complicated. It was pretty fun to watch, seeing as how you didn't know what was going to happen next. Dang those perpetual motion machines! The voices were pretty spot on.

The other entries in this contest that I've seen were more creepy. This was a lot more comedic. I guess it does have a bit of a creepy atmosphere because it ends on such a weird note. Those kids love guns and violence! For the most part, this is a well done cartoon.

it was.. good... but I what the fcked.. you lost me

I was SO much more excited about breaking the laws of physics! x3

good job, though! Looking forward to more! <3

fucking elf. you make the most quality shit.

great job once again buddy

Wait... what?
Okey... you reversed the logic.. okey...

Nice work, then.