Reviews for "Until It's Gone"

I like how his laptop uses Ubuntu, guess your a linux user too :)

Very nice work on this Pahgawk. I really liked the new style you experimented. I think it works very well! I am always astounded at what you constantly produce, especially at a young age. Keep at it bro! You an inspirational fellow too many. Boy oh boy, this NATA tourney is getting even more spicy than it usually is!

love the new art style
and mabe im just stupid but I dont get it

Pahgawk responds:

No you're not stupid, it's my job as the animator to get the point across and I know I didn't make it as clear as it needed to be. Basically the protagonist was just ignoring the more important aspects of life and then this manifests itself by having these parts literally fade away until there's nothing left and the protagonist realizes the importance of what he is missing.

Pretty great. There were a few parts that could have been a little smoother but the story had decent pacing and the camera angles were really well done... especially that bit where he's at the breakfast table with mismatched socks. The FBF'd stuff looked very cool.
In terms of story, i wasn't totally sure what was happening and I think there could have been a better payoff. Last minute rewrites tend to have that effect.
This is just me, but I think the movie could have been done without voices. Though I guess that is almost cliche at this point, so maybe not... regardless, nice work, and really great to see you experimenting with new styles even this late in the competition. Hope it pays off for ya!

Pahgawk responds:

I'm not sure if it's cliche or not, but I guess it would be a little cliche for me, given the sort of videos I've been making. It seems my formula is this: voiceless, so the music carries the story, and everything's usually a metaphor or some other abstract concept, and there's a main character who's under pressure from whatever this concept or metaphor is. I guess I didn't really branch out of my normal style a whole lot after all, but when I tried to make this a comedy, it didn't really work, so... I guess I still have a lot to learn.

I found this very amazing animated work! It had a perfect mix of emotions and artistic style. I barely saw any flaws much at all. At first (I swear to God) when I saw the very first piece of object disappearing (the coffee cup) I thought of it as a minor error since some computer flash software not being too perfect can have minor hiccups within the system but when I began observing other things visually disappearing I found out that it was part of the main plot device. I felt pure different stirring emotion within myself. I felt almost like your main character I felt hardworking, modest a simple average Joe. But then as things begin falling apart in progression throughout the story I felt this minor emptiness this void beginning to erupt within my mind. You can feel and understand the vastness. To see nothing, to feel nothing, To know that we are not existent within ourselves. It was truly captivating friend. Well done. I've apologized for you feeling the way your were in prior. I humbly pray and wish you very well in your future works and contributions here upon Newgrounds. its a true honor to have someone with an artistic eye and understanding to be working within the many ranks here. You've done very well good sir. I'm going to give you a 4/5 and a 4/5 in voting power. Keep practicing, creating and most importantly contributing here to show not just me or some other fellow soul but the whole in this very life and time on who you are and how you've define your self as a wonderful artisan. No matter what. I hope you've enjoyed this review and have a splendid day to you. Good day.