Reviews for "Until It's Gone"

Oh! Gawd, this was really well produced. its easy to understand every scene without much thinking and the story is very fluid (if that makes any sense). Yup i love the style and the camera shots. The only thing that i really hated was . . . i cant think of anything. Anyway awesome job.

I liked it. Overall, I like that you really push yourself in these NATA things to experiment. I think that's the real value of this sort of competition. Its less about being the champion of all animators in the universe or whatever, its just to really test yourself and try new things with the added pressure of a brutal deadline.

As for this particular piece. I found the animation conservative. Dont know if its because the change in style or not, but I kind of like the crudeness of your earlier work. I think it feels more honest and 'human'. Which is hypocritical considering i just said how much i like the experimentation, but yea! The characters felt stiff sometimes. They were animated well, they just didnt have as much personality as I'm used to.

You have some pretty shots in there though. Pulling away to goto work. That whole bus scene with the birds disappearing and stuff. Really smart, well thoughtout shots. Good work!

Oh I kinda felt that you didnt need dialogue at all in it. It feels strange when it makes its appearance late in the movie. I think as a viewer youre already well aware of whats going on that the whole relationship with his boss, the paperwork and that conversation feels unnecessary. You already expressed the passing of time and the paperwork disappearing visually just fine. The whole no dialogue as he leaves home and as he runs into his kid again has alot of power behind it, i think the whole conversation bit slugs it up.

Yet another highly thought provoking flash. Well done!

Great job, I loved the new style. I'd have to say this animation sums up all my current feelings with work and life at the moment. The last 5 months of my life have felt like a blur and I really feel like I'm missing out on other important things or parts of my life I used to enjoy have deteriorated. Keep up the great work!

I think there was some kind of aesop, but it wasn't clear, or at least it was too straight I hardly acept it as it is. I do believe that even on your "tragic" or sad ending animations, you tend to see stuff on a idealistic perspective, and follow a similar pattern. That is, if the character had decided to do A, everything would be fine, or everything is fine cause the protagonist embraced A at the end. But overall the concept and that change of style were done right (I do like more your last one). Seeing how much detail the animation and the planning itself had, you certainly are one of the best contenders this year without doubt.

Hope you win and turn up as the next year guest judge!