Reviews for "Until It's Gone"

What's the point of the video?

Another neat piece - I've always keep my eye on u big shot

look at all teh helpful comments :D
too bad their too dam long (/-_-)/ _|___|_

The style and the animation seriously reminds me of the game "Another World" from 1991, thus I very much enjoyed watching it. From a techincal standpoint the only thing I believe could've been added was some more camera movement in a couple of scenes, and perhaps the ending was a tad rushed. Not exactly sure about what's going on, although I could make an assumption or two.

I do hope you'll make some more animations in this style.
Also, on a completely unrelated note: Ubuntu logo! ;D

It's been a very long time since I wrote a review, but this movie deserved it!

I loved the concept! Very clever idea and well executed! I actually felt sad for the man who, at first, only seemed to have a very crappy day but ended up seing the universe around him gradually disappear into thin air. The shot of his wife waving at him seemed like it was foreshadowing it all, but maybe it's just me :P

The animation was pretty awesome also, I always love it when an animator are able to break away from their usual style. There's only one shot at the end (the one where the man spins on himself) that seemed to have some clunky 3D, but that's it.

And like Luis mentioned, I would've done the whole thing silent, since the dialogue don't bring anything meaningful to the short.