Reviews for "Until It's Gone"

I get the idea of cherishing things or it'll be gone, but why did EVERYTHING disappear including the main character. Is this suppose to be doomsday or some weird Matrix universe?!

Um, I don't really get it...? I understand, you don't miss things until it's gone, but I don't understand how any of those things the guy was losing had any major significants to move any emotions in me. Yeah, loosing his son was pretty bad, but even that didn't have the right impact since everything else that was no where near as important disappeared first. I don't know, I think I'm missing the point here. I'm giving four stars because the animation was good and smooth. But I think the story would have been stronger if the son disappeared in the beginning, when he forgot to wave goodbye; that would have been more powerful, and less confusing.

You see, having all of those unimportant things just poof made the story seem like a comedy, so I wasn't prepared for anythign more heart wrenching (which I think you were going for...?) he lost his coffee, he can gets some more, he loose his paperwork copy, he can copy another, he loses all of these material things, and then POOF! son goes too, something he can't replace (kind of...). I get it, but I really think it should have been done in reverse, for more of an effect. Say the son disappears while the dad is driving off, and he doesn't notice, after that, all of this little material stuff starts to go missing, but he brushes it off since he can replace it. Then at the end of the day, he finally gets home (after things start poofing on him) and he looks for his son, but low and behold, he can't find him--I think that would have gone for a more dramatic effect.

I don't know, I'm not the one making the cartoon, I liked it, and I see where you were going, but I just feel as if it wasn't powerful enough for the meaning it was trying to portray.

I really really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the art style, and I like the way you draw people.
I felt that once it got to the point, it moved SO FAST. Maybe that was your intention?
Though I like all of the subtle things you managed to squeeze in. (his 'wife'?)

[/compliment sandwich]

realy nice, the style is amazing, the quality is great and the lengh is perfect.

It was great, I love it, but it took a while to get to the meaning and right as I thought it was started, it was over. So your really only losing 2 stars for my own selfish reasons. But hey, I didn't enjoy it because of those self reasons, so, yeah.