Reviews for "Until It's Gone"

Hit it where it hurts, good stuff :)

Nice animation. And a very good message. It was structured and clear. Deserves my 5 stars.

Cool metaphor for people not noticing things till they're gone! 5/5!

This was very strange. I couldn't help but think that maybe it was trying to have some deeper message, like about isolationism or something. It's actually a fairly original premise when you think about it. I assume the guy himself disappeared in the end. It was interesting to have little detail what was going to happen next. It was really cool how everything escalated so quickly.

It was so creepy it did seem like something that would show up in a Halloween cartoon. Or maybe it was meant to be more dramatic? Whatever the reason, this was still great to watch. The animation was great and I'm glad you experimented with a new style. That's always fun to do, I imagine.

Reason why I live my life with grains of salt, one of which being 'not caring'. If you don't hold something precious to you, you won't become complacent with having it. If you don't become complacent, you won't take it for granted. If you don't take it for granted, odds are when the aliens try to perform psychological torture on you, they'll wonder why you're laughing when everything around you is disappearing and decide to leave you the heck alone.

Sure it's risky and the complete opposite of the 'moral' (that being, everything is precious), but it's theoretically insane, so no one would really consider it in the first place.

This said, good flash.