Reviews for "Until It's Gone"

I think the story behind it all is that before you notice, you've lost everything you've cared about.
Really well made short and story.
Keep up the good work!

WOWOWOWOWWOOw ! IT WAS A-MA-ZING ! DRAWINGS ARE PERFECT, I fucking love this style and you'r animation frame-by-frame is too perfect : WHen the guy drops the coffe on the taple and drops spurts... It was wow !! AMAZING! ALso when he grabs his briefcase, When he start typing on his pC WOW so fcking well animated !!!!

SOOO I STOP YOU Sreith, being an animator, his new drawing stlye is awesome , I know what I say because I am actually an animator and I know how much skill yoiu got to be able to do those quick movement " gather paper,drop coffe, Searching socks ! when the coffe get pulled on the ground when the cars goes, When he looks his watch supported by the impremery... SO well story-boarded-animated-drawn ! So noo ! I don't agree at all with you Sreigh concerning the anatomy the movements..; movements were very well made... check when the coffe glass, etc...

So yeah faved, stoy very intruiging even if the end seems not finished as Sreith said, but the entire movie was An Increible work and a BIG work of 6 month...

My only wish for you is to get always 5 stars from now and so ppl recognize your drawin-animating skills...

And because I do animate too , here is my request..... COULD YOU PLEASE send me the frame-by-frame part in wich he drops the coffee glass and open up his laptop and type on it ?

May you send me a the .fla file only with the glass part, I am trying to learn the double and triple framing process and I guess you used so ? :)

I really like this no-edge drawings ^^


I'm not going to go into the art sie of this short film, I find you are quite happy with the results, there's a lot of potential, but don't get comfortable with this stage, keep drawing and improving, you are well on your way :)

As for the story which is always the NUMBER ONE most important thing in a short film, I thought it was quite interesting, I was dying of curiosity to find out what made things disappear, however I just simply feel the story was cut in two, as if you only produced half of the screenplay. This has a lot of potential for a kick ass story,

You've nailed your goal of testing out a new art style etc etc, sweet, but I would just love to see the ending to this, it's awesome, but incomplete.

Cheers and keep it up!

New and different style of animation. Your movies are always thought provoking.

first thing first. that alarm clock was way too real. it made my heart skip 3 beat. I thought i'd wake up from my fucked up realistic dream and got scared shitless. I hate you for that. this isnt a joke.

Colors were bland. I cant call this a cartoon at all. The expressions and motions weren't carried correctly. Anatomicaly impossible movement and position, awkward reactions. None of this looked realistic, at all. It wasnt even caricatural to me.

I don't quite get the story or the relation to this NATA subject. I don't get anything at all. What is happening? Why? Is the world disappearing because of him or because he cant see it? Is this from the lost sock/lost item myth? Alien zapping? What is happening? I'm confused.

I am the viewer. I deserve entertainement. Easy to chew, easy to screw... The alarm clock was promising, and then, forgive me for my next-to-come absolutely stupid comment, but it was... trash. Yes. I feel betrayed. Badly portrayed glassman threw his coffee all over as if he has no care in the world. Why? How? From my, the average, under-developped intellectual, middle cast youth this made no sense at all. I can't laugh, i can't make bad jokes about this. I can't cry, i can't derive any drama. I can't smirk, i can't feel anything from this animation.

I mean, i've seen lots of very bad animation here on newgrounds. Like, so bad I am ashamed to know they existed. Yet I could understand the... "plot". While here, for a finalist, i was expecting something near amazing, something good. out of the ordinary. Something I could develop my own fantasy, rant all day about or just enjoy. I felt betrayed. Did you really do this? Are you positively sure you want to go on having this as your entry?

It's different. Yes. You are proud of your results, yes. Art-wise this is very interesting (minus the weird anatomy) and something I don't see everyday. I give you that.

But where's the fun? intrigue? Mystery? Plot? Reasoning? Comedy? Drama? You ought to have at least ONE "genre". But which is it? I can't say, I can't see. I'm simply lost. I have no idea what to say more. How should I rate this? And why? What was that all about?

-The average middle cast youth

Pahgawk responds:

I understand what you're saying and agree with it. This is not my best movie, and I sort of lost my way making it. It probably has a higher score than it deserves. But the one line I disagree with is this: "for a finalist, i was expecting something near amazing, something good."

I have been animating nonstop for six months, and I'm sorry, but I am worn out. This video is not why I am a finalist. I am a finalist because I made it through five other months of this grueling work. If you want to see why I am a finalist, you have to look at all the videos I made for NATA as a set. They are by no means perfect, but all the same, I think maybe you need to put it all in perspective.