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Reviews for "Battlefield's Angel 2"

battle field angel is interesting game
i vote 5 becuase its very interesting

i think battlefield angels game is very enjoyable game. i like this game.

Well, overall it is a nice game, though I did have some problems with its mechanics. As a mere preference, ducking while jumping would be nice. Jump height control as well (as it becomes a pain in levels such as the laser one - elevator-, whereas the lack of height control makes it painful and frustrating). Or at least some more than what there already is, since I can't really feel it.

On a good note: I love the aerial control! It woks brilliantly well if I'm allowed to say so.

As something I see as a flaw it would be the hit box. Now, this may just be a problem on my side, certainly, but I was unable to adjust to the hit box you used. It was especially bad when it came to timing the jumps and avoiding nuts and spikes. I would, sometimes, fall on a place where the spikes or already gone and die. Or I would be hit by an acorn on something I expected to be outside of the hit box.

The music wasn't bad but the same track ends up annoying. Even with different music in different locations (Normal game stage and Main Menu).

The introduction to the controls was perfectly acceptable and more than enough for any ordinary gamer to understand what to do.

As I've already said, not a bad game, not at all. I just wish you could take care of those little sharp edges. It would make the experience that much more enjoyable.

myplayyard responds:

Thank you for the detailed feedback.