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Reviews for "Black Dynamite vs Pootie "

This is just fucking awesome it deserves fucking 4ina half or 5 stars bro, i clicked to see if it was like the show and so far u convinced me to show that u made it amazingly awesome.

Neochilds responds:

Thanks dude. Just trying to do my own take on the characters throwing a little far fetch ideas here and there. Plus after seeing the show I was thinking man. How would Pootie fare of against Black D.


i sure this film cost a lot in pomade purchasing.

Neochilds responds:

hahaha. Thanks dude. yes it did. Thanks for watching.

Man! That was awesome! You don't see that many animations get into the groovy side of true, good old fashioned blaxpoitation, action oriented flicks. Ifelt for a brief moment like I was sitting in some grindhouse cinema house in a gritty side of town that's how authentic it felt to me. Animation style and use was rough and almost has the grimy feel to it to stick with Black Dynamite's theme of a 70's sub counter culture. Sound effects were decent and spot on for the dramatic fluid martial arts based action! I really did enjoy this I can't lie. You've done a wonderful thing for me in my part by amusing me with your creativity and skills. Ad for that your going to receive a 4/5. And a 4/5 in voting power. This was decent and truly extraordinary through fluid animation and flair. Congratulations! I hope you bring more fresh ideas into the mix here for better or for worse, I honestly welcome your animation here to grace the servers fairly on this site. Keep contributing and creating here, I hope you've enjoyed this review. Good day.

Neochilds responds:

Thanks dude. I welcome any critique good or bad as that is how I will grow further. It has been while since I sat down and did an animation this was pretty much my re-entry animation. Thanks again for watching.

Everybody was kung-fu fighting .... those cats were fast as lightning !

Neochilds responds:

yea they were thanks for watching dude.

Those layouts look promising!

To be honest, I am not familiar with your work, but do know something good when I see it. Plus, this reminds me of some of the things that were made back 2000-2003. Impressive yet authentic and sincere; elements that are lacking in the vast majority of frontpage submissions since 2008.

Animation: While this isn't as fluid as Jake Hollander, SunnyGOES, Ferguson Winston, and Adam Philips; the layouts in this cartoon are excellent. All of the poses are dynamic, solid, and had a bit of roughness that added to the atmosphere. In addition, the selective colors reminded me of Razzo's* old work, which is a plus in my book. (*=Blanco y Negro and Kong)
Audio: You did a great job on the choice of music, but most of the voices were rushed. I think a pop filter may help with that.
Content: It may not have much of a plot, but the premise of this was enough to get the point across. Thus, the no filler approach that made Blaxploitation films popular worked in your favor. Of course, what really made this shine is the direction. It has shown me that you have the eye of a director. Kudos for using underused subjects, which is also a plus.

The Good:
-The Layouts are excellent and the animation showed potential.
-Good music
-Adept direction
-Nice tone
-Underused subject

The Bad:
-Voices sounded rushed
-Not the best animation, nor was it the worst

Overall: Here's a nine from me. (4.5/5)

Neochilds responds:

Thank you kindly for your honest and well written review of my work, I take the good with the bad and aim to produce another great production down the line. Hopefully when I have more time to dedicate to another project such as this which allowed alot of flexibility. Having the range to do almost what I want with no limits was a plus which is sometimes good and bad but I choose what element worked best for my subject matter. Thanks again for the review I appreciate your time in doing that dude.