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Reviews for "Anti-Cast II"

wtf crazy ending lol

Love it, especially the symbol and book puzzle. It took me a while but all the clues were there, although there is a bit of guess work for a few of the letters.

the game is good but a little confusing (to me)
but over all great story line !!!

I think this is one of the better point and click adventure games I've played. Yes, that is mostly because I managed to get somewhat far in it. Here is how far I got. First, go to the drawer on the right hand corner (from the arrow pointing to the left side). In the plastic bottle, there will be a paper clip. Then go over to the bookshelf and go for the red book on the bottom most shelf.

It will have another paper clip. Use the two of them to open the left hand corner drawer where you can find a blanket. Go to the cabinets on the lower right hand of the screen to get a red thing. I got a lighter at some point, but don't remember how. Maybe you're supposed to light the blanket on fire?

The game overall is pretty nice! There are just a few critiques I have of things that kept this from being a 5/5:
1. Check your sentences. There are some words missing in the dialogue and some of the structure just doesn't make sense. perhaps you aren't a native English speaker?
2. As mentioned before, the book puzzle doesn't seem to have any clues to it. You either have to guess or look up a walkthrough. Kind of ruined the game for me.

Other than that I thought it was a good game. I am ok with the boss fight, though it maybe could have had less distracting flashes. Good job, Can't wait for #3!