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Reviews for "Anti-Cast II"

was fun only hard parts where the key in the first room and the book even though the hints for the book where very vague. i gave this a low score because the music was repetitive with like the same single beat repeating over and over again. The action game was kinda bad as it didn't detect my clicks very well. also it seems that in the first half of the game there are some things i can not open like a drawer that i could not go back to i question why and because of that i deducted point. though i'll give you points because you made cut scenes though i didn't care for the text that came up when i clicked on stuff in the first one you cloud click to make it go away in this you have to let it fade out kinda annoying. also there was suppose to be a message on the book self at the beginning that i could not get. If it was the letter next to the book it was unclick-able. also there was no indicator telling me i need a key for the first door i used common sense to determine it needed a key but for all i knew i could've need something else.

I played the first Anitcast and i thought that it was pretty challenging and well good to past time but my only doubt of this game is the fact that the text fades away REAL slow! I would rather u would stick to the previous text format in which once clicked the text would instantly past to the next (something like that) but yeah, if ur a person who has patience and likes solving puzzles then this the game for u

it's too hard!

i played the first one so dam hard but i... i thing your the man but not good ill give 3 star's

It's nice to see what is essentially an escape game turned into something with a story. I didn't play the first part so I didn't really have any context. The puzzles were more interesting than what I'm accustomed to in this kind of game. It's usually just "click on everything until you find a key, keys keys keys more keys, and make sure you look at the clock because the time shown on it is actually the combination to the lock, etc."

This was very reminiscent of Myst in that regard.

The lighter action event was a little weird. I appreciate the work (and resulting variety) that went into adding it, and it made the story more interesting than just walking through a door, but since it was the only time-sensitive action "puzzle" in the whole game it felt out of place.

People who are having problems with the Book puzzle: I'm not going to spell it out for you but I'm going to give you a fat hint: There are 26 symbols in the book, and there are 26 letters in the alphabet. Are you ready? Here comes another hint: The symbols in the book aren't printed in alphabetical order.

To be fair, one of the planets isn't spelled the way most of us are used to spelling it, but it's still possible to solve the puzzle.