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Reviews for "Anti-Cast II"

The language decryption puzzle is great because you can't quite get it all the way. You can only get it down to 6 possibilities and then use trial and error. It's like the uncertainty involved with real language decryption.

The coding, the sound, and the English were all pretty poor though. I got through the part where you rotate the squares without even using the fourth square like you're supposed to. I was confused as to the purpose of a lot of things. The language puzzle was great but the game design as a whole was pretty lacking.

pile of wank

the game is really neat and the story is of my interest. but that damb music is so annoying!

Please for the love of all that is good make better music, it was looping so much I had to quit the game.

It was a decent game. I felt like there should have been more to the game, like more objects or rooms perhaps. The music got annoying real fast, I could tell it was a few second loop. It would have been fine to use a loop, but in my opinion, there should have been more to it than the simple few seconds of it. I did enjoy the puzzles and challenges, I felt that it gave a new twist to it. I think the end puzzle might be a bit too challenging for some players, but it shouldn't be impossible as long as they have patience. It took me only about 10 minutes to figure the last one out. As for the ending, I wish there could have been audio there. Overall, I say you did a nice job with the game, the programming and more. I give it 7/10.