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Reviews for "Anti-Cast II"

Best annoying song with 8 musical notes ! good job

THAT WAS WAY TOO SHORT! Still liked it, though. Can't wait for III.

the first one was waaaay better, it made me love it with the "get out of the first room" animation, and to move yer hand at the edge of the screen to look at Sarah's face....
this is crap.... 3 stars for the first game memory

I can't believe this is the Anti-Cast II I've been waiting several months for. This game feels like something made in two days, without putting too much effort into it. Crappy 3D replaced hand-drawn backgrounds, there's hardly any animation and no actual progress in the storyline has been made (what is worse, it felt very random). And it's so short...

Well, take your time with part III. Or get your act together, whichever is more suitable for your situation. The first Anti-Cast is a brilliant game - I hope that the next chapter(s) will be on par with it, both visual and story-wise.

Lots of bugs: key disappeared from inventory so I had to restart the game, puzzles were already solved during the second playthrough (gate already open before solving the code, the doll already freed even though I did not have the sword yet). Also, if you want to put a language code based puzzle, make sure you spell the clues right (one of the planet is spelt wrong...)