Reviews for "Angry Bros"

So true... so true...

What Call Of Duty Fans Would Buy:

Angry Birds For One Dollar:NO!

A Stinknormal Fedora For Platinum Edition Which Kosts 500 Dollars:I WANT IT!

So true.... That's why I play Arma2 best game I have ever played I can't stop creating battles and playing them it's so addicting!

Good job very funny

@dlanes oh i don't know I don't mind DLC remember back when a cartridge games cost $60 a pop, I remember a little gamer called Street Fighter who released a billion remakes of Street Fighter 2 and people paid $60 a piece for each one. It's the same shit just another day and age... look at pokemon nowadays.

i like angry birds.
it is nice to play it. this a nice movie
Keep it up Food123