Reviews for "Angry Bros"

Tactical Fedora

ZenithQuinn responds:

I concur

Oh god. BF3. LoL DotA. Oh god. The Horror. It's everywhere.

5/5 Stars.

But. Oh... The Horror...

ZenithQuinn responds:

Oh the Humanity!

Animation boiling. Favorable. It reminds me of Edd, Edd, and Eddy.

ZenithQuinn responds:

Time for some gobstoppers!

what is this about? i didnt get this at all

Good job very funny

@dlanes oh i don't know I don't mind DLC remember back when a cartridge games cost $60 a pop, I remember a little gamer called Street Fighter who released a billion remakes of Street Fighter 2 and people paid $60 a piece for each one. It's the same shit just another day and age... look at pokemon nowadays.