Reviews for "Angry Bros"

Yup, seems about right! XD

what??? i dont get this at all
wth D:

Pure genious. The whole mocking of the flamewar (between an overrated game and an overrated mobile game) is extremely well done. I lost it at the tactical fedora part.
This animation also has some good voice acting and nice animation.
Overall, a really good flash.I'd love to show this to my two friends (one's an Angry Birds-fan, the other's a COD-fan) and see how they fight over it.

The animation is okay, but did you really have to animate this? It was already funny as a comic... I dig the voice acting though, good job on that one.

i simply love how people dont get this. Ok guys here it is- Angry birds and COD...ARE BOTH THE SAME! ikr cant believe it? well they are the same thing in retrospect, the same thing over and over and sponging your money for the exact same thing to be played over and over...but yet people love it and then again why wouldn't you?