Reviews for "Big Blue (F-Zero)"

Its awesome

Almost all the songs in the SCGMD 2 are good. But this is rocking dude.


I'm kidding this is INSANE!

Very nice! like the beat.

The intro sounds like Razamanaz by Nazareth,
which i kinda reconized right away..
Usually i would take off a star or two for that,
but after the intro it becomes a really awesome guitar solo...
so i guess that kind of makes up for that!
all in all i really love the song!

It's better than the version on Super Smash Bros.!

I love the solo man, it's like so cool.


ButterScotch Yo! lol i am fuckin jamin 2 this song its fuckin deadly i wud make love to it if i could lol gud work keep it up