Reviews for "Big Blue (F-Zero)"

Hmm not bad

Got any of your own songs? and make the bass higher

Awesome man...

That was very to the key, straight there and back, like actually beating the crap out ma friends on SSBM again lol.

Here's a toughie, how bout Icicle Mt. or Planet Zebes from the Samus series? lol! Gl!


This was pretty sweet. Damn the lead guitar is kickin some ass! Woot I also am dlin the song and shit! Good work on this like woah...



Another song you could just lose yourself in this song. Im downloading this right now And putting it on my mp3 player as well as your other songs. Well Done.

Wow cool!!!

Yeah! I've been waiting for you guys to put this on here! Check my version out. It's on the front page somewhere on the metal section! Anyway, excellent remake of a classic tune! Keep up the good work!