Reviews for "Adlez"

The frame rate is terrible

Love. that all is so great I can't saying anything one way or the other on this.

That was awesome! I'm a big gamer literally a nerd and from what I've obse3rved this was a beautiful tribute and and a visually grand uplifting flash short/music video. The graphics were gorgeous since you've virtually hand drawn them as you've mentioned on your creator commentation box. Using Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past as as the basis and a stepping stone to literally bring and drag the viewers into a fun unforgettable ride into the world of Hyrule and to see the denizens there was like walking home into a quick surprise party! The ending was a classic case of downer ending where the hero even though he managed to undergo a long arduous journey he's sees and feels powerless yet int the end he musters up the courage to continue his journeys like a true noble hero of old should do. I enjoy the deep rhythm of the soundtrack, it made the whole thing felt like a dream. For bringing back good old memories of the past I'm going to bestow you a 4/5 and a 5/5 in voting power. You've done an amazing job. I hope you create more stirring montages like that it was again prolific! Keep creating and contributing buddy! I hope you've enjoyed this review. Have a wonderful day!

Slackman responds:

Thank you! It's always a pleasure to find someone who can revel in the Zelda nerd-dom as much as I do ;)

Wow man, I was really blown away with the music, art, and animation. GREAT work. and very moving at the end. Rock on Slack Man!

I want to do stuff to you.

... weird stuff.