Reviews for "Adlez"

guys, the "static" is an effect used to make the song sound like its being played off of an old vynyl record player.

Animation was good, I really enjoyed the conglomeration of the more memorable Zelda features and characters for the background. As others have said the song had some static that made it a little hard to hear clearly, (though maybe that was your intention for the background music.) A very minor nitpick was that when the Adlez animation began with the 4 links flying around it showed all 4 colors but then only showed 3 of the four flying to each different location, maybe just change the color of the first one in the mountainous region. I also enjoyed the very Rule of Rose esque Princess Zelda in the water at the end.

Cool but hard to believe this was made in a "studio" considering copy right infringement...

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Cptn. Buzzkillington

Tune was good but the art style seemed muddled. I wasn't pixellated enough to warrant being pixelled. Should have just kept it smoooth. It was sweet nonetheless

The artwork was awesome, but the song was too loud and full of static.