Reviews for "Adlez"

This kicks ass.
Custom made sprites, sick Zelda beats, smooth flowing.

I rarely give 5 stars but when I do its because what you made was fucking legendary. cool stuff. nice transions with each seen and the zedla with no ideas being a shadow inbodyment of all the tasks that link must embark on. so awesome! love it.

Now that was fucking cool.

Personally I think this is one of the best Zelda tributes I've seen in a while and that song that played had a gangsta beat! ahahaha anyway I love the fact that you went through just about every reincarnation and even included memorable cameos too. I also gotta say that Zelda with no eyes is almost creepy I half expected a shrilling scream from her.

So yup great tribute all in all

that was really good and ima big fan of LoZ thanks for making this!

Now that was amazing!!!!!!!!!!
I thought it was cool that you included references from most of the games.
Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!