Reviews for "Adlez"

I can't describe how awesomely fantastic this is. This blew my mind.

Epic. I always say "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop". But going through all the grandest Zelda games then going back to the start was a great idea. About the song I do'nt have much to say except for "perfect", it's organic and original. We have a masterpiece in ou hands.

Absolutely fantastic, music was nicely innovative but reminiscent of the games. A song for zelda fans.

Ah my childhood :D!
Anyhow, the animation looked great, some are saying the frame rate needs work but I think it's fine.
I agree with others on the song however. It started off great but not so much toward the end.

This would be so much better if the video actually synched up with the music. Try making things happen at the same time as the beats.