Reviews for "Cop Crusade"

Why are all of your games so freaking addicting? lol nice game! I really enjoyed it... and that is saying something. I freaking hate car games, I am pretty sure this is the first one I enjoyed playing :)

Schulles responds:

Wow! Thanks a lot! ;)

Nicely done :) Can't see anything wrong with this.

I could rock out to that music all day long, loved it.

@davvid, the lanes going the opposite direction CAN be used, but are onyl non-suicidal if you use focus. It's meant as an escape mechanic for when you have someone from the "middle" lane merging onto you. Staying alive longer and being able to finish the level is enough of a reward. Also, when I hit the "bosses" in the second and third level I got a sound effect and they blinked to indicate that they were hit.

It is 2.30 in the morning.
... and I've just unlocked the infinite mode. FML
This game will keep me playing for ever and ever and ever...

type "z" 2 start - Credits 4 music, mr developer?