Reviews for "Cop Crusade"

The game is too hard for level 3, you need to have a dumb luck.

-Medals not working-
.Good Cop

Can you add an health bar and add more updates? Example: Lifes, Less cars...

The music is the same for every level. Make other musics for the others.. no?

If you ripetive click C in game (Focus) the focus is endless. But you see everytime that ligth which means you started Focus. I hope you didn't get a seizure! :c

2stars beacouse it's too hard.

It's awesome because it gives that retro arcade feeling but
Focus should have an delay like shooting
Moneybags should also spawn in incoming lane.

Pretty good concept / game, but a few of the medals don't activate!!!
Like Kujio said below, these medals don't work:
-Coffee and Doughnuts
-Espresso and a Cookie
-Good Cop
Please fix the medals because it's very frustrating!
Other than that this is a fun table top flash game!

Schulles responds:

Should be fixed now! Sorry for all the trouble. :/

I really wish people would stay in there own lane. Or that you would get a better warning than a tiny flashing light thats nearly impossible to see until its to late.

fuk this games, the handling is useless. If you increase it it doesn't make your car more reactive but more sensitive, the speed basically fuks u over and moves you 2 lanes over at times...and the final level on incoming traffic's impossible :P CONS: SHIT GRAPHIC (maybe in the 90s this would've been a 4.5 star game), REPETITIVE MUSIC.