Reviews for "Cop Crusade"

I could rock out to that music all day long, loved it.

@davvid, the lanes going the opposite direction CAN be used, but are onyl non-suicidal if you use focus. It's meant as an escape mechanic for when you have someone from the "middle" lane merging onto you. Staying alive longer and being able to finish the level is enough of a reward. Also, when I hit the "bosses" in the second and third level I got a sound effect and they blinked to indicate that they were hit.

Although I like coffe-break games, I have to say that I don't find anything good in this. I hate to say it, but this has almost everything which makes a game hate-worthy.

First off, it is 6.8 MB big, which is way too big for such a game. This doesn't really influence the gameplay, but oh well.
Then there is a lane which has a different direction, which is totally pointless. If you include something like that in your game, make sure that it has a purpose. The way it's now, it is just a wall which kills you, unless you're lucky to escape. You could give more money the more you survive there or something similar.
Then, there is no sense in shooting cars, except for the last one. It seems to me that the only purpose is to shoot them if they're in your way. However, this is nonsense, since evading is too easy, and they often blink when you're already past or next to them.
Therefore I thought that shooting cars brings you money, which you can re-invest in upgrades, but I noticed too late (my bad) that the only way to gain money is to surpass a level, or to survive.
Lastly, it was really confusing not to know how often to shoot the "boss" (which is the only enemy). The first one died at the first shot, but literally nothing indicated that the second boss needs to be shot more often. How long do I have to last? When can I expect the reward of having defeated the enemy?

So all in all this game has achieved to be quite irritating. I give one star for nostalgia.

Not bad, I like it! Just seems like people driving don't move more than one lane out of your way...and there also seems to be no final goal for each lvl aside from running out the timer. Like the upgrades, fireball is interesting, grafix seem to work well enough.

Oh, come on.. Looks like shit to me. (8bit shit) Try Freeway Fury 2.

good game, a bit choppy as in my car hitting other cars without touching them. The reloading is terribly slow, although you can speed it up with upgrades it gets quite annoying. And for those not getting past the "insert coin" screen, press (Z) like it says plainly on that same screen... -_-