Reviews for "Cop Crusade"

I really like the music

The Roadrunner has just been amped 10 notches higher!
Awesome game.

The odometer should have been placed at the side of the game away from the busy car lanes. Its position is distracting and blocks perception of incoming cars and its color is similar to that of the incoming cars' tail lights making it harder for players to notice the lights due to bad spectrum psychology.

Where are the open manholes? =)


Has potential but falls short in many areas.
First it is nearly impossible to avoid a car that is going to come into your lane if you are on either the left or right lane. No matter how well you time it you will crash. Also seems as if hit detection is a bit off as I switched lanes in time but still got hit anyways. Infinite mode medals (except for 100k) and level 2 medals still arent working. Upgrading handling to the max is a big no no as the controls become so sensitive it is easy to go into oncoming traffic and kill yourself by accident.

I love the game, very fun and nostalgic, but I couldn't get some of the medals, like the mission 2 one or any of the infinite mode medals.

type "z" 2 start - Credits 4 music, mr developer?