Reviews for "Cop Crusade"

Great game! Im a little mad though, i didn't receive all my medals. Seems to have skipped 3 and the last one wasn't initiated either... -____-
***Medals that weren't received:
-Coffee And Donuts.
-Espresso And A Cookie.
-Good Cop.

Schulles responds:

Thanks! And I am really sorry for that! I think I fixed the bug. If you visit the main menu again, you should receive all your medals! :)

WAY too easy. Nice concept. Hardly even needed upgrades. Hmm....

Keeping it simple works great. Similar to spy hunter.

Don't go over 3 in handling or you'll start skipping lanes.

I love this game! Its so easy but very funny! And the music are great! Thanks for this Game Dude! :)