Reviews for "Axel vs. Ulf"

Awsome . And really cool

Nice but Shortz :(

Im famous!!!!

Pretty Good! Its a nice decent sample on whats to come one day. It will be nice to see you beginning projects on this site, We need more fresh new faces on this site (Not that I have anything against the old generation of Newgrounds such as myself). I'm going bestow upon you a 3/5 and a 3/5 in voting power. I hope you've enjoyed this review and happy birthday and good luck to your contributions here and many more! Good day.

ErnestoGod responds:

Hahaha good night and thanks for voting and comment! sir! :) actually I been uploading stuff on newgrounds since 2007 xD I'm sure I can be called old around here, but anyway! this was just a little idea I had two years ago so anyway! :D

Very nice animation, good looking drawings, but really short.