Reviews for "Closure Steam Trailer"

Amazing advertisement. Also, anyone saying "Oh, it's an ad, not a movie or a game, ZERO FOR YOU" should know that Closure WAS uploaded to Newgrounds, either as a demo, or as a full game, I'm not sure, but it came out in 2010. Anyways, the ad showed good game-play mechanics and was presented beautifully. 5/5 stars.

5/5 Cause its good - minus 4 caus its Advertisement. Result: 1/5

Spam. Put this on youtube then link to it in the BBS.

This looks realy nice and chalenging, also i personaly like the art direction of the game.
So i think i'll buy it.
And again great work.

... Gorgeous cinematic. Other than that, there's nothing here to actually review. I just hope this game helps in your success. I hope the players will have fun with this.